Jordan is a one eyed wonder and if you know us you know we know how special those one eyed pups truly are. He had his eye removed last week and they confirmed a B.B. was in his eye. I just don’t understand who or why but we are past that. What we do know is this dog is the absolute sweetest thing under the sun. He loves his ball they are basically inseparable but that’s alright you don’t have to carry it for him. He loves to day lounge and run so pick which one you prefer.

Jordan is available through Bailey Animal Rescue.  If you are interested in learning more about her please contact Gina at

He loves to play and is very energetic but well trained. He is used to a structured environment through his time at training so a home that is familiar with basic training and dog ownership is a home he would thrive in. His energy level, and love for play, make a yard and no young children a vital part of his forever home; room to run and no little ones to knock over. Pollo can be an only dog or have a dog–friendly canine companion but no kitties, please. For more information on Pollo please contact

Ivy is a happy young dog who loves to run around the yard and play. She is well behaved in the house and does great in her kennel. She will come when called and mostly just wants to be right beside you. Her eyes have a sparkle. If you would like more information on Tupelo please contact Houston K-911 Rescue.